When you think of adventure, do you think of the deep blue sea? If exploring underwater as a professional diver sounds appealing to you, then good news: this career is well within your reach.

Pros of Professional Diving

Commerical diving is definitely a career for adventurous people. Professional scuba divers work in various bodies of water, including oceans, lakes, and dams. Many divers work as commercial divers who inspect, repair, remove, or install equipment and structures underwater. You can also be an instructor or lead diver. If you like practical, hands-on work, this would be a good career for you.

Drawbacks Of Professional Diving

While this can be a personally rewarding career, professional divers tend to make below average pay. According to statistics, underwater welders get paid $53,990 each year and $25.96 per hour.

In addition to the pay gap, commercial diving can also be dangerous as there are risks involved in diving. It can also be dangerous if you’re not properly trained in using the various tools and materials involved in your work.

What Can Diving Schools Teach Me?

The main reason you’ll need to go to a diving school is so that you can earn your certification as a diver. Requirements vary based on your location, so a local diving school can best inform you on what you need to become employable as a diver. There are some certifications, such as Canada’s Unrestricted Surface Supplied Air Diver Certification, which enable you to work globally.

Going to a diving school will give you the tools you need to do your job competently. You’ll learn how to operate diving equipment, the safety requirements, and how to operate your tools of the trade. Most diving schools have advanced courses available as well.

Professional diving is the perfect career for those who seek a challenge, and enjoy being in the mysterious underwater world.