Have you ever wondered what it would be like to breathe underwater? It’s a fascinating experience that leads you to a whole new world. But taking the plunge is the only way to find out for yourself!

Discovery diving has always been a favorite activity for people interested in exploring the warm, open waters – with shipwrecks and reefs being some of the main attractions. These two provide a home to many colorful sea creatures and plants.

If you are looking for slightly more than just a day at the beach, here are your options


Undoubtedly, open water diving is totally different from swimming in a pool in every aspect. The whole idea of breathing underwater is also not as easy as it sounds. It comes with its fair share of safety precautions you need to know before making the plunge. So, diving lessons are critical to anyone intending to spend time in the Ocean.

Dive charters

Dive charters are the most popular diving excursions out there. They usually go out in teams, and the entire trip may take anything from four to six hours in the water. This duration depends on the number of tanks you paid for and your diving skills.

The trips are an excellent choice for people who enjoy spearfishing. And the teams are always accompanied by one experienced diver who also rides the boat.

The gear

You have two options here: rent or buy full diving gear. But that decision depends on how much time you intend to spend in the water. If it’s for one vacation, then purchasing it would not be such a good idea. Besides, most dive shops have trained people who maintain available equipment and check for defaults, so your safety with hired gear is always assured.

Overall, discovery diving is probably the best gift you can give yourself this holiday.