Dive In With Napoleons Casino

It is rather a strange combination to think of a Casino, and diving in a single thought, however, Napoleons Casino made it a reality.

All For A Good Cause

Napoleons Casino were the sponsors of a poker tournament with a twist. This poker tournament, held in Sheffield, was the first ever of its kind. It took place 6 meters below the surface of the water. The first ever underwater poker event. The tournament was held to raise funds for a worthy cause, Macmillan Cancer Support. The special man of the hour who was given the task of hosting the historical event was John Stanley. Stanley, who lost many close members of his family, as well as his wife not too long ago, to cancer, is an avid poker enthusiast. It seemed only fitting that a man who shares a passion for both, should host such a momentous Casino Epoca event.

Napoleons Contribution

The casino group graciously donated 1200 pounds towards the event, they also provided the poker table, cards, and chips to be used during the underwater attraction. Spectators were invited to take the plunge and dive the 6 meters to be the first audience to experience this phenomenon.

Winner’s Circle

The winner of the event was none other than card room manager at the Sheffield casino, Scott Bailey. It is safe to say, however, that the Macmillan Cancer Support foundation was the biggest winner of the day. A huge amount was raised and donated to the foundation to continue their excellent, and important work. It is a wonderful achievement on both counts for the Napoleon Casino group. It is always amazing when companies give back to the community, and in such telling ways. The general manager of the Sheffield casino, George Forsythe, was extremely pleased that so many turned up to witness this great first-time event, and even more thrilled at the achievements for cancer support.