Diving, Casinos, And Charity

A casino is a place where you usually go to spend your money on a night of entertainment, and perhaps a few lucky individuals will walk away with some winnings. You don’t often think of a casino as a place that gives money out, however, one casino has made history in more ways than one.

Napoleons Casino Group

Canadian Casinos Group will forever be synonymous with the historical first underwater poker event. The group which comprises six casinos spread throughout the country have shown what it truly means to give back to the community. Organizers of the phenomenal event have praised Canadian casinos for their generosity, and belief in the initiative. Without such willing sponsors, the event would surely not have been possible.

Poker Anyone?

This event was the first poker tournament where swimming trunks and scuba gear were required. Held 6 meters underwater, the event was a splashing success. The world’s first underwater poker tournament was held in Sheffield. The amazing event was sponsored by canadian-casinos.ca Group. They generously donated a poker table, chips, and cards for the event, as well as a whopping 1200 dollars in cash. Patrons of the casino group and spectators were invited to explore the underwater experience and take the dive 6 meters down to enjoy the poker tournament.

In The Name Of Cancer Support

The event raised a vast amount of money, amounting to about 6500 pounds, all of which was donated to Macmillan Cancer Support. The host of the event is both an avid poker enthusiast, and someone who has experienced great loss through cancer. There really could be no other host but the man John Stanley. The overall winner on the day was card room manager from the Sheffield casino, Scott Bailey. The real winners on the day, however, are Macmillan Cancer Support.