There are many wonderful and exciting dive locations throughout the world, the Bahamas being one of the most popular. There are many dive excursions to choose from here. The following are just a few of many to consider.

Amberjack Reef

For those that want to dive in a region full of anticipation then Amberjack Reef is a good choice. Originally this was a shark feeding region but no longer serves this purpose. However, when one embarks on a dive here they cannot help but think if there is the odd shark that may not realize that this feeding zone is closed for that purpose. You will get to enjoy the many Caribbean Reef sharks that like to frequent this area. Along with many other underwater sights.

Austin Smith Wreck

While every dive excursion has some element of excitement to it, this is enhanced when there is the opportunity to view a wreck. That is what one can enjoy when they participate in the Austin Smith excursion. This is a wreck that took place in 1995 and still is intact. There is a lot of history to learn during this dive.

El Capitan

To get the most from this dive you are going to want to descend to 45 feet to enjoy a spectacular view of a mound that is laden with underwater beauty that is hard to find anywhere else. For those that just want to enjoy what nature must offer in its underwater version this is an excursion that will allow for this.

Bull Run

If you want the ultimate experience In terms of excitement then you may want to opt for this excursion. It comes with an element of shark danger. For this reason, many of the dives are comprised of caged dives for the diver’s protection. This is a dive that is sure to get the adrenalin flowing.