There are so many different types of diving excursions to enjoy. It can be difficult as to to choose which one wants to do next. For those that really want to enjoy some diving excursions that add an extra thrill to the dive adventure there are some wonderful ones to choose from. These are a few select dives that can be enjoyed in Canada. Avid divers from many different places in the world come here to enjoy some of these diving excursions.

Big Underwater Encounters

Underwater life is comprised of all different sizes and shapes. When one gets to see some of these in their underwater adventure it can be absolutely mind blowing. A prime example is for to get to see up close some of the biggest octopuses in the world. This is an event that can be enjoyed at Nanaimo. Every dive here comes with the anticipation of see one of these giant octopuses which is something that many that dive in this region get to experience.

Vivian island

Just outside of the Comox Harbour there is the Vivian Island. A dive excursion here will bring many different types of thrills. There is a tiny, intriguing shipwreck for viewing. Then if one is very lucky they will get to watch one of the few King Crabs go about their business. This region is one of the Vancouver islands that is perfect for dive thrill seekers.

Campbell River

Within the same region there is another opportunity for an exciting and eventful dive excursion. This is at Campbell river. What is impressive here is the large array of colors that one can see. Plus, a wonderful selection of underwater life.

These are just a few of several wonderful excursions that can be enjoyed through BC. It is a diver’s paradise without having to go to the tropical islands.