Green Dive Pool Not A Pleasant Site

There are many different forms of diving. Of course, there are many choices when it comes to underwater diving, like scuba diving. Then there is the sport of diving like in the Olympics. No matter what form of diving people do though, it must be safe.

Is Green Water Healthy?

For those who are into underwater diving, they expect to encounter all different types of water environments. Some may be crystal clear, while other regional waters may be dark and murky. Divers enjoying this form of diving understand water conditions can vary.

But what about the Olympic contestants who are used to clear blue pool water that has suddenly turned green? Their first concern is if there are any health threats because of the condition of this water? When the olympic diving pool turned green, many divers, as well as spectators, were unimpressed.

While this is old news as it took place in the 2016 Rio Olympics, it is still current news. Mostly because of worries of it happening again. It took a long time for experts to determine why the water had turned this nasty shade of green. Eventually, it was discovered that one of the workers had used hydrogen peroxide which caused a chemical reaction with some of the other chemical pool components.

Being Aware of Changes

This was an unfortunate happening in the Olympics, but it does offer some important lessons that can be carried over into some of the other forms of diving. When divers see something out of the norm with the water conditions they are being exposed to, they should show some concern. Something could be taking place that could have a detrimental effect on the underwater environment. Every diver has the responsibility of safeguarding the enviroment that they are enjoying diving in.