MMF – The Keepers of Marine Life

Conservation is the key to saving the environment, the ocean, and the wildlife that is slowly dying off due to human intervention, and climate change.

Marine Megafauna Foundation

This is a charity put in place to protect, and save the marine life that is threatened. They are going to great lengths to fulfill their goals. The recent announcement of their scuba diving excursions to Mozambique is just another notch on their belts.

Mozambique Or Bust

The expeditions provide the guests the opportunity to join one of the co-founders of the MMF in conservation research that is vital to implementing processes to save threatened marine life. Andrea Marshall, and her highly-qualified team of scientists are on a mission to save the seas. Divers will be given the opportunity to explore the Mozambican coast. This coastal region is one of the most beautiful locations to encounter the giants of the sea. Whale sharks, humpback whales, and Manta Rays can be seen in all their glory. This is a coastline that is wild, untamed, and awe-inspiring.

An Army On The Rise

This is an army of a different kind. Armed with scuba gear, and scientific apparatus, they seek to conquer what threatens the marine life. The object of allowing visitors to join the excursions is to raise awareness of what is happening to our marine life, and provide an opportunity for the general population to experience the beauty first hand. Perhaps this is the push that is needed to get more of the public involved in the efforts to protect and save. The more people in the army, the less chance these attacks will have against the dwindling sea life. It is a chance for humanity to stand up, acknowledge, and do something to ensure that the generations to come have a chance to see these mystical creatures in their natural habitat, rather than just in museums.