Poaching Brings Shame to Diving

Poaching Brings Shame to Diving

Diving is a sport that is enjoyed by many people. It is an activity that any age group or gender can take advantage of. Most who become involved have a great respect for its integrity. Diving enthusiasts are welcomed to many parts of the world. Regions which have the capability of providing the ultimate diving experiences. These regions that do this also have some expectations of those who are going to be diving. They are expected to obey the rules and regulations of the country. On occasion, there are divers that overstep the boundaries that are being set for them.


Poaching can take place almost anywhere and in many different circumstances. It is a grave problem that many countries have to deal with. But, it is not just restricted to land, as these infractions also take place in the underwater world. A recent problem is the Abalone poaching that is taking place in South Africa.

The Dangers

Those who are participating in this Abalone poaching are putting their lives in danger. They are doing this by:

  • Attempting deep divers when they don’t have the experience.
  • Some are not strong swimmers and end up drowning.
  • There is a risk of shark attacks
  • Others are not using the proper dive equipment.

Actions like this on behalf of poachers gives the diving industry, on the whole, a bad name. Trustworthy and responsible divers have to deal with the negative overspill that comes with these types of actions.

Diver Responsibilities

Every diver has the responsibility of abiding by the rules of the region. They also have a commitment to keeping this sport safe. Diving is a wonderful sport and there are many different versions of it. By everyone respecting its boundaries it will encourage others to participate in it.