Scuba Divers, Protectors of the Reef

The Great Barrier Reef in Australia is under threat. Crown-of-Thorn Starfish threaten to wipe out the ecosystems that inhabit the great wonder, as does coral bleaching. While these aren’t the only dangers, they are the most prevalent.

The Change in Climate is Devastating, However, That’s Not The Only Threat

Climate change is taking its toll on the environment, the polar regions, and the wonder that is The Great Barrier Reef in Australia. There are a variety of other dangers lurking, seeking to destroy the natural beauty. Probably the most devastating, yet least expected, is the lack of interest shown by the public with regards to the damage being caused, and the effects that come with the damage once it’s done.

The Col Mackenzie Approach

Col Mackenzie has long since been vocal about the damage being done to the Great Barrier Reef and the fact that most have already given up on it. He has openly stated that by declaring the reef dead or dying, tourism is being greatly affected. If you give up on something of this magnitude, you will surely lose it forever. Mackenzie is determined that if we understand the devastation taking place, and the effects, we need to find a practical solution if we are to hold any hope of saving the natural wonder that is the Great Barrier Reef.

Taking A Stand

The public is finally standing up. The locals are making their way into the warm waters and trying to do their part to make a difference. The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority, the Association of Marine Park Operators, and countless activist groups are standing up to fight. A number of conservation projects are being put forward, including turtle sanctuaries, programs geared to educate the general population, and control of pollution. Mackenzie’s private army is restoring balance one day at a time.