What a Real Underwater Life Experience Is all about

We live in a world of technology that makes many things in life more convenient and enjoyable. This includes the technology that is available in many different forms of sports and entertainment, which includes diving. Diving experiences are made much safer and far more enjoyable with the different types of equipment that is used that is based on leading technology. But, what if all this equipment were not available? Could an avid diver still gain many of the same wonderful experiences that they enjoy today?

A Life Underwater

Diving did not just come about because of the equipment that supports this sport. For many diving was a way of life to support their survival. It is a practice that has been carried out for centuries throughout many parts of the world. There are those who have spent their entire life depending on what the underwater world has to offer them.

Jago is Prime Example

A classic example and an impressive one can be seen in Jago which is a well-made documentary about this very topic.

It is a story about an eighty-year-old man who relies on nothing more than a sphere for his dive expeditions. There are no fins. There are no goggles, and there are no oxygen tanks. Jago is more than a diver. He is an underwater hunter. With the mere intake of a breath, he can make his dive to some very impressive depths. Jago has set an example that most divers would truly agree is one that is remarkable.

Keeping in mind that Jago’s dive accomplishments come from many years of experience. In his enviroment there were no choices of what equipment to use, nor were his diving adventures merely for pure pleasure. With his underwater hunting expertise Jago could provide food if and when necessary.