When Will There Be Diving Excursions to the Titanic?

Perhaps the most famed shipwreck ever to occur was the Titanic. It is not one that has long since been forgotten. It seems that whenever the risk of this happening occurs, some new event revolving around this horrific occurrence surfaces once again.

Reliving the Titanic Horror

Famed film makers have been most successful at keeping the memory of the Titanic disaster alive. The first film was released only four weeks following the sinking of the titanic. It was called “Saved from the Titanic”.

A New Approach to the Titanic

Now stepping out of the world of film, many of these who want to see the remnants of the Titanic themselves are going to be able to do so by way of a dive excursion. The Titanic Diving Tours appear to have been put on hold once again. It was originally slated for 2018, but because of various difficulties it will not take place until 2019.

A Site Not to Be Missed

While there are many that are filled with anticipation of being able to take part in this Titantic excursion, it doesn’t seem like it will be one that can be put off for too long. Research is showing that there is a bacteria that is attacking the wreck. It has the ability to completely destroy the wreck in a fifteen to twenty year period.

The Cost of the Proposed Titanic Dive Tour

The opportunity to see this historical ship will not be one that is affordable to everyone. At least not in the beginning. The price tag that is being set on this even is coming in at $105,129 per person. As seen by this it is going to be out of the financial reach of many.

While there have been some amazing documentaries about the Titanic there are still many willing to pay the price to have a first hand look.